To Measure Ring Size

Ring sizes are displayed in different ways. Some brands choose to use the inner diameter in millimeters while others choose to use the outside. Sometimes also the US ring size is used. JOGO uses the inside diameter of a ring, because this is the easiest way to measure it yourself.

For those unable to visit our stores, below you will find a size chart for ring sizes. Left is a list with inside diameters in millimeters. Right is a list of circumference sizes of fingers. If you know the circumference size of the finger, then you can look up the diameter size to its left.
































METHOD 1: Measuring your Ring size with an existing ring

The easiest way to determine a ring size is with a ring that fits you well. This way is also handy if you, for example, want to surprise someone with a ring and you don’t want to ask for his or her size. You can then simply ' borrow ' the ring to measure.


Take the ring and place it on a ruler. Make sure that one side of the inside of the ring is placed on the 0 cm and read on the other inside the number of millimeters. This is the ring size of the inside diameter. In the chart you can look up your size.

METHOD 2: Measure the circumference of the finger

If an appropriate ring is not available, then you can estimate the diameter of the ring the best by using a Ribbon or strip of paper.


Lay the piece of paper or ribbon around your finger where the ring is going to be worn (but be sure that the strip is at the thickest part of your finger) and mark off where it comes together. Lay the strip along a ruler. The length of it is the circumference of your finger. In the chart above you can find on the right the circumference of fingers and on the left in the same line you’ll see your ring size.

You can also cut a slip of paper for this method instead of ribbon. You can simply sign off with a pen. Measure the length along a ruler. 



METHOD 3: Use a flexible measure tape


 This is an easy and fast way to measure. The flexible measuring tape is wider than a string, so you have a larger surface of the finger. Proceed as follows: wrap the flexible measuring tape around the finger and read the number of millimeters off there where the tape comes together. The length that you have now is the circumference of your finger. At the chart above you will find your matching ring size.

Ring size chart

Inside diameter                Circumference 

    size finger                        ring size (mm)                                                                       

15                                               48

15.5                                            49

16                                               50

16.25                                          51

16.5                                            52

17                                               53

17.25                                          54

17.5                                            55

18                                               56

18.25                                          57

18.5                                            58

19                                               59

19.25                                          60

19.5                                            61

19.75                                          62

20                                              63

20.25                                         64

20.5                                            65

21                                               66

21.5                                            68

22                                               69