METHOD 1: Measuring with an Adjustable Ring Sizer

This Do-it-Yourself Ring sizer ring sizer works like a belt by simply pushing the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.

METHOD 2: Measuring with an Existing Ring

The easiest way to determine a ring size is with a ring that fits you well. This way is also handy if you, for example, want to surprise someone with a ring and you don’t want to ask for his or her size. You can then simply ' borrow ' the ring to measure.

METHOD 3: Measure the circumference of the finger

Lay the piece of paper around your fingerthe ring is going to be worn and mark off where it comes together. Lay the strip along a ruler. The length of it is the circumference of your finger. In the chart below, you can find on the right the circumference of fingers and on the left in the same line you’ll see your ring size.

METHOD 4: Use a flexible Measuring Tape

Wrap the flexible measuring tape around the finger and read the number of millimeters off there where the tape comes together. The length that you have now is the circumference of your finger. At the chart below, you will find your matching ring size.

International Conversion Chart

Another way to measure a ring is to take a measurement of the inside and determine the finger size from a standard chart. The inside of the ring must be perfectly round for this to work.